Tiago Cutileiro (PT)

Tiago Cutileiro (PT)
Text written by GHA

In his minimalist black and white etchings, Tiago Cutileiro captures illuminated windows in unspecified multi-storey buildings. This series of monochrome aquatints stages the interplay of light and shadow in strong contrasts and with few elements.

Each work in this series shows deserted windows depicted in the darkness. The result is still images of nocturnal environments in which only few details refer to the people who use the buildings.

The viewer is invited to form an image of the places of these sceneries – the works here can serve as a portal to the imaginary reality of the inhabitants. The use of few elements within the composition conveys a harmonious contrast that defines the internal structure of the building.

Tiago Cutileiro (PT)

Shapes and textures in this artwork take on a meditative and almost dreamlike quality. The architecture and elements within the composition seem to sway and shift, as if the viewer could actually observe what is happening behind the windows, either from their own homes across the street or as a passer-by on the road.
Tiago Cutileiro’s series, The Lives of Others, becomes a visual ode to the windows of the city and the light that animates them, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in fleeting moments that define co-existence. Exploring this series reminds us of the poetry of the cityscape, the intricate dance of light and shadow, and the shared experiences that unite us in the fabric of urban life.

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