Tibor Jaeger (SE)

Tibor Jaeger (SE)

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Swedish artist Tibor Jaeger’s figurative screenprints are questioning our relation to each other by using anthropomorphised animals and anonymous figures.

The artist incorporates different print techniques resulting in a chaotic atmosphere full of contrasting elements, almost blurring the threshold between fantasy and reality. 

The composition develops horizontally, grouping the characters in different positions: hugging, standing, singing, laughing they all spread a sentiment of joy that highlights the strong connection among them. The gaze of the viewer goes forth and back, focusing firstly on figures put in evidence and then noticing the blurred ones.

Tibor Jaeger (SE)

His screen prints have always elements taken from the tangible world, such as landscapes, photos and people taken from everyday situations. At the same time the viewer is conscious about the presence of components from the imagery realm. This awareness emerges because of the presence of animal-faced humans, mirroring his will to investigate the relationship between nature and humankind.

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