Ute Safrin (DE)

Ute Safrin (DE)
Text written by GHA

“Ute Safrin’s unglazed terracotta sculptures show human interaction in its purest form, unclothed, reflecting our natural inclination to socialize. Arranged in a circle, the protagonists engage in lively discussions, each figure conveying different perspectives through gestures and facial expressions.”

Ute Safrin’s sculptures are honest and intimate portraits of people of different life stages. Often seen nude, each figure has its own unique character, however their group positions form a community that reflects the diversity of human personalities. Depending on the positioning of the protagonists, Safrin presents multiple scenarios of how the figures could be interacting with each other. This establishes a shifting configuration between the characters.With their rough, unglazed terracotta surface, these sculptures are reduced to the essential elements of body language and facial expression. By using expressive gestures and postures, Safrin tells a familiar narrative that is easy to understand and relate with.

Ute Safrin (DE)

Safrin’s undressed figures appear timeless and show no physical insecurity. In groups, and obviously engrossed in lively conversations, they reflect typical collective behavior. As silent witnesses to their conversations, however, we are forced to remain at a distance and curiously examine their interactions to uncover hidden narratives.
Her artworks have the ability to create an apparent connection for the viewer to these strangers made of clay. As proxies, they inspire us to establish references to our own lives.  In the role of the viewer, it is possible to choose one’s own balance between connectedness and distance from a more detached point of view in order to participate in the unfolding story.

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