Winni Schaak (DE)

Winni Schaak (DE)

Straight edges, exciting arcs, curved and flat surfaces characterize Winni Schaak’s minimalist bodies.

Two-dimensional three-dimensionality

His forms are clear and balanced. Partly they are reminiscent of buildings, partly of creatures. Winni Schaak’s small-format as well as his monumental welded constructions appear powerful and light at the same time, despite the heaviness of their material: bronze or stainless steel, but mostly the weather-resistant Corten steel. Its fine-pored, rusted surface has a warm, lively aura.

Winni Schaak (DE)

The cubic forms of the head boxes take on an enormous complexity through bends, twists and breakthroughs. Each frame surprises the viewer with unexpected views. The bodies irritate, cannot be explained. Horizontal and vertical straight lines do not appear, instead the lines and surfaces of the head cartons are tilted out of the right angle, as in the series Perspektiv und Spalt. Winni Schaak plays with perspective, makes his spatial bodies appear as surfaces – thus achieving a two-dimensional three-dimensionality.

(Text Cornelia Wichtendahl ,Translation GHA)

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