Yu Fang Liu (TW)

Text written by GHA

Taiwanese artist Yu Fang Liu creates joyful and harmonious woodblock prints, which show delicately detailed abstractions of the botanical elements in close-up.

Liu’s work is based primarily on observing the world around her, especially flowers and plants, water, and atmosphere.

Everything on which the artist’s gaze rests is translated into her artworks. The shapes of nature are changed into lines, points, and structures. Shadows, vertical lines that look like raindrops and horizontal lines used to represent the wind are integrated on a light background to help create a lively dynamic. Dominant pastel colours produce a vibrant texture through their combinations and gradations. In her artworks, elements seem floating on the surface, guided by an internal energy, and the image becomes a mirror of a gorgeous snapshot stored in the artist’s mind.

Yu Fang Liu (TW)

Liu’s artworks give off a very intense sense of vitality. Nature, as a creative force, becomes a metaphor for rebirth.The brilliant colours contribute to this atmosphere of serenity and the viewers are invited to imagine and recall their own memories of springtime.

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