Anna Kodź (PL)

Text/ Translation GHA

Extorted female bodies appear in Kodź’s serigraphies. As in a performative act, the corporal presence becomes the most important thread linking to our emotions and thoughts.

Born in 1987, Anna Kodź is a polish graphic artist that mainly works with serigraphies and mezzotints. She is also a teacher of these artistic practices in the Academy of Arts in Wroclaw.


Anna Kodź


These bodies present deformations that make it hard to know if they are static or, on the contrary, if they are moving towards an unknown purpose. As one can see in her series of Transformations, her prints can also be understood as an exploration of female identity, expressing a will for a change that can lead to unexpected possibilities.

Faces are not shown in her compositions, which suggests that her art is not a claim about individuality but a questioning about our behaviour in relation to others and to ourselves. Despite the nakedness of the bodies, there is no erotic component in her prints – they appear in the most powerful, raw and pure way. There is an interrogation of the self that must be concluded not just by the artist but mainly by the viewer that will confront these large-format and meaningful works. 

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