Aric Russom (US)

Text written by GHA

Through bold colours and strokes, American artist Aric Russom creates, in his linocuts, glimpses of urban structures. The almost endless line of windows functions as a tool to explore the relationship between interior and exterior.

Russom’s interest in buildings derives from the thought about how people interact with the various types of architectural structures in either urban or isolated settings. Russom’s reduction linocuts also showcase the infinite breadth of sky hue reflected on windows glasses.

The industrial buildings are treated by Russom like relics, something that reminds the viewers of their past and forgotten stories or to be discovered stories. To Russom, standing in front of a window is a complex visual experience: the artist, looking into the glass, can observe hidden places and, within the reflections, being captured by the layering of spaces.

Aric Russom (US)

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