Bojan Hocevar (DE)


Bojan Hocevar’s paintings portray a reality of anonymous characters slashed by sinister and surreal details. Challenging sociocultural settings with contradicting symbols, the artist infuses his bright but fading world with dark irony.

Experimenting with different media, Croatian painter Bojan Hocevar creates figurative painting combining human subjects to a fantastic background. The protagonists are often anonymized by the artist who blurs their facial features or covers their faces in different ways.

The human subjects and the background are usually painted with striking contrasting palettes. In many of Hocevar’s paintings, the figures tend to be depicted using darker and fader tones whereas the background that surrounds them is painted with vibrant colours and patterns.

The contrast between subjects and background is further emphasized as the three-dimensional figures are silhouetted against more flattened backgrounds with abstract elements. These are characterized by surreal details and elements of fantasy which create an overall dreamlike setting.

Bojan Hocevar

In his artworks, in fact, Hocevar seems to refer to children’s enchanted words of fantasies which blur the distinction between reality and the imaginary. Kids seem to be both the subjects of his artworks as well as the creators of the work itself since the colourful backgrounds seem to be evoked and created by their imagination. The dreamlike atmosphere of Hocevar’s paintings is emphasized by the use of airy brushstrokes that make his pictures appear slightly blurred, reinforcing the impression of a surreal reality. 

Hocevar’s paintings illustrate bittersweet words where both irony and melancholy surface through contradictory elements. The contrasting palettes convey a retro tone to Hocevar’s characters, whose colourful and imaginary words seem on the brink of disappearing. The viewer is confronted with fun and playful images where strong shadows and darker tones lurk around. Hocevar works full of contrast and contradiction seems to present the clash of reality and fantasy, holding onto a fragile imaginary word threatened by the loss of innocence.  

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