Brandon Williams (US)

Brandon Williams (US)
Text/Translation GHA

American artist Brandon Williams works scrupulously to take care of the tiniest details of his printworks. His etchings represent convoluted architectural landscapes, with labyrinthine spaces that puzzle and intrigue the viewers. The atmospheres that he is able to forge are indeed dismal, mysterious and captivating at the same time.

The architectonic structures by Williams have a surrealistic character. They are geometrical and highly accurate, yet inhabitable: the flights of stairs intertwine and overlap, leading the sight of the beholders to inaccessibles rooms. The materials of the buildings are various – wood, concrete, ceramic -, and contribute to a collage look. The tiles on the walls and on the floors show sometimes lyrical abstractions, sometimes shapes and patterns which are added to the overall geometrical configuration.  

Brandon Williams

When observing Williams’ artworks, one cannot help but try to take visual command over his architectural follies, his games of perspective, trying to explore all the hidden places. Ultimately, the rooms are all devoid of life. No man, no animal crosses the spaces. Everything seems suspended in a timeless dimension, where even the cracks on the bricks and the sources of light are frozen in time, just for the viewers to admire.

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