Carsten Borck (DE)

Text written by GHA

In his monochrome drypoints German artist Carsten Borck presents desolated houses on empty backgrounds. The pervasive atmosphere of Brock’s depictions embraces the existential loneliness of man, thematize people who have clearly been abandoned by society. 

Brock’s focus is particularly on scenes of uninhabited alleys with closed windows, abandoned houses or dwellings for homeless people, such as tents or simple mattresses. These motifs are often accompanied by red written common slogans that contradict with what he presents. 

By visualising these primitive dwellings, the artist explores another world, beyond the daily life and challenges of most people, and makes these obviously ignored destinies his protagonists. 

Carsten Borck

The artist’s narrative is one of loneliness, and the frequent use of monochrome underscores this feeling. The only colour that sometimes makes a fleeting appearance is dark blue. This is perhaps no coincidence, considering that the phrase “feeling blue” is used to express sadness.

Borck’s biting sarcasm and overt criticism challenge social norms and our relationships with each other. He gives these protagonists a voice to be seen and heard and points to the vulnerability of the individual.

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