Danny Frede (DE)


Danny Frede (DE) combines elements of Renaissance aesthetic with cold, lifeless animals, shamelessly showing all explicit and graphic rawness. Controversial in their classical poses, Frede’s subjects happen to be both appealing and disturbing.

Slaughtered animals held by naked males in poises reminiscent of Holy Mary, the distant gaze of a youngster weighed down by a carcass draped across his shoulders: German artist Danny Frede sure makes a statement through his photography. By combining elements of Renaissance aesthetic with graphic rawness, Frede allows his subjects to appear both appealing and disturbing.

Frede works in several series, each line presenting a unique trail of thought. What they have in common is Fredes continuous approach: he combines traditional techniques and digital interventions.

Danny Frede

As simple as this starting point may seem, Frede always finds surprising new outlets. In his latest project, he allows machines to produce spontaneous and irreproducible imagery by letting robotic vacuum-cleaners smear paint over a canvas. 

Taking a stance has key importance to Frede. His work roots in an interest for sociological questions and societal change which he developed during his experience as a community servant. Ever since he observes everyday life and human behaviour closely. Life experiences are the breeding ground for his work and what makes a painting art in the first place – or as Danny Frede puts it: “Art without a topic is decoration.” Holding exhibitions all over the world, from the United States to South Korea, Frede challenges the definition of art and beauty – as well as traditions of perception.

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