Graphic Art Raffle

Graphic Art Raffle 2021

The Graphic Art Raffle gives art lovers the chance to win high quality graphic prints for free. The chosen work is selected from especially recognized artists from past Mini Maxi Print exhibitions. 

You can sign up for the Graphic Art Raffle 2021 from April 15 th.

This year’s recognition is given to : The artists will be will be anounced April 15th.

Why Graphic Art?
Over the last few years we have increased our focus on graphic art. We strongly believe this artform is a great entryway into the art-world for anyone. The combination of high technical skill, interesting artistic language and affordability, make graphic art accessible for most people. 

From Mini Maxi Print to the Graphic Symposium
We have been increasingly working on implementing graphic art through open calls, like Mini Maxi Print; that gather almost 800 applicants a year. This was also extended to create last year’s Graphic Symposium. During the symposium, the artists hosted their own workshops and activities in our Artlab. This allowed them to increase their network, and their technical knowledge. 

The First Art Raffle at Galleri Heike Arndt DK
This year we are excited to highlight our graphic artists furthermore, and to shine a spotlight on their work. The Graphic Art Raffle intends to do just that. Selected graphic artists will be invited for a free residence stay at ArtLab in Kettinge, to meet, share, and greet, alongside their colleagues, and the public.

Giving Back
Thanks to our main sponsor aumento Law Firm, you have the opportunity to join the raffle (for free), and gain a chance at winning a high quality graphic artwork by one of these artists. This way, we can hopefully open doors for people to discover great art and provide our artists with some extra recognition for their work.

We are thrilled by this new initiative, and we look forward to bringing art into your lives. 

Introducing the Artists for our Art Raffle 2020


Ewelina Kolakowska (PL)

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Vinicius Libardoni (BR/IT)

Read more about the artist here:




Ewelina Kolakowska (PL)

Title: “0401201707012017”, Artist: Ewelina Kolakowska,Technique: Intaglio,
Image size: 140 x 100 cm,Paper size: 140 x 100 cm,Year: 2017,Edition: 29/30

Ewelina Kolakowska’s intaglios feature dark entangled bodies. The prints are monochromatic. Small thin lines can be seen all over the pieces, as well as surrounding the two main subjects. These lines are part of Kolakowska’s working process, as she always starts her works without initial ideas, letting her impulses guide her.

For this series of works, Kolakowska focused on the union of bodies, the union of two partners forming one.
In the works, one body is lighter whilst the other is almost like a shadow, perhaps reminding us of the yin and yang. Both subjects unite perfectly, creating a pleasing visual representation.

The curved lines resulting from the visual unity of the two partners create grace and balance. A certain harmony is brought about on the paper.

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Vinicius Libardoni (BR/IT) 

Vinicius Libardoni is a Brazilian-Italian architect and printmaker. In his etchings, he represents majestic architectural scenes.

 The sense of loneliness combined with the use of perspective and the piece’s many details, is very impressive.

These impressive buildings appear abandoned or only half built.

Prodigious structures are suspended in space and time, surrounded by planks of wood and metal. Through vast spaces, Libardoni communicates a sense of loneliness.

These buildings convey a sense of nostalgia, through impressive perspective, they evoke a past grandeur. The unorganised planks on their walls and roofs remind us of bruises, injuries acquired through age and abandon.

This feeling of melancholy is reinforced by the monochromatic colour scheme. Through their isolation, deterioration and neglect, they remind us of their uncertain future.

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