September 2012 DE

German – Norwegian Exhibition

7.9.2012 – 21.10.2012
Marian Heyerdahl (NO) & David Evison (UK/DE))

We are very proud to present the Norwegian artist Marian Heyerdahl and the British artist David Evison at our opening exhibition of the autumn season 2012. The main focus of the exhibitions will be on sculptures. The artistic identities of both Heyerdahl and Evison are rooted in the classical conception of sculpture. Both artists have in a period of five years lived and worked in China in the same artist compound BIAC in Beijing, where also the owner of the gallery Heike Arndt used to live and perform her art.

The three artists frequently met in their respective studios located close to the famous art and gallery district 798 and discussed art. Unfortunatly, BIAC has since suffered from the high-class luxury housing in the area of 798 in Beijing and does no longer exist almost similar to the artist compound Tacheles in Berlin.


David Evison

David Evison is an artist and former professor at the German art academy, Universität der Künste Berlin. The core of his teaching as well as his own artistic work is to strengthen the classical sculptur skills. Modern experimenting installations rest upon an over 2000 year old inheritance of classical comprehension of sculpture. To be able to expand and challenge the media, it is according to Evison necessary to be familiar the history and master the classical expressions.More info: David Evison

Marian Heyerdahl

”My sculptures and installations are very cinographic and you can’t make that with painting. I like to make a dramatic interference in the room, changing the room, building the room and conveying a feeling. I like to give the room a new identity. When I was a child I started making drawings and sculptures, but since I like the three-dimensional expression and the idea of walking around and building a room, sculptures became my main medium”, Heyerdahl says. see more here: Marian Heyerdahl