Gerda van Kersbergen (NL)

Text written by GHA

Dutch artist Gerda van Kersbergen’s monochrome paper prints create a serene geometric space with their soft, fabric-like textures.  These architectural fragments are defined by shades, shadows and the play of perspective.

Kersbergen invites the viewer to discover and reinterpret distance, corners, ambiguous angles and perspectives. The deliberate resemblance to houses, windows and walls evokes a familiar image of a silhouetted home.


It seems as if time is frozen in the soothing sight, and all the forms are still and quiet, almost frozen. The surfaces, delineated by different tones, harmonise with each other. But the unexpected interplay between spatial oddities and deviations from the laws of reality subtly brings tension and playfulness into the timeless space. The geometric shapes rectangularity is complemented by the velvety textures.


Gerda van Kersbergen 

In every piece, the play of dimensions, light and dark shades, space and depth, interpret from a new perspective, addressing each viewer differently.

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