Jesper Hintze (DK)


The Danish artist Jesper Hintze portrays people in thoughtful poses. Despite the realistic representation of their bodies, however, their faces are obscured under an undefined mass of colors. What develops around them seems to be the materialization of their mental states and of their mental dimension. The viewer is consequently intrigued by the chance to explore their inner world.   

For instance, we can see a person sitting cross-legged, the chin resting on the fist. A composition of bright colors, where some strains seem to remotely indicate the eyes and the mouth. From the head, a cloud-shaped form is born, presumably the embodiment of the person’s thoughts. Inside, a whole range of patterns are visible, although only a few, such as a little skull on the top, are recognizable. In another painting a similar structure is repeated: the person lies down this time, the hands folded, and is surrounded by minuscule floating faces.

Jesper Hintze

Jesper Hintze resorts to mixed techniques, which give to his artworks a complex look. The viewer can focus on various sections of the pictures, and explore the differences in their making. Acrylic colors are used, complemented by ink and collage elements.The tones range from the bright to the obscure, creating ungraspable yet fascinating atmospheres.

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