June Lee (KR)

Text written by GHA

The installation work of June Lee is composed of multiple sculptures arranged in order to depict the scenery of our social context.

Her approach is characterized by the choice of material and its evident connection to craft. The artist works predominantly with textile and fiber, while in this case she opts for wool in order to wrap her sculptures with colourful threads, each forming a specific pattern and colour scheme.

The human figures are scaled down and positioned in a way to allow the viewer to see the public as a whole. The Korean artist takes a direct approach when addressing the increasing issue of individualism that our society is dealing with.

June Lee

The posture of the figures and their hidden hands highlight the lack of interaction between them. The society is seemingly indifferent and even negligent towards the outcast.
The colourful figures form a silent and stiff context as they seem to be unable to connect with one another. Although the figures can be grouped in any constellation or manner, they allude to an insuperable boundary between them, turning them into marginalized and apathetic individuals.
June Lee seeks to draw our attention to the lack of interaction and invite viewers to participate in an empathetic dialogue. Her work is allusive, refreshingly playful in form, yet profound in meaning.


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