Koosha Moossavi (IR)

Text/Translation GHA

Moossavi’s detailed aquatints create a somewhat sombre feeling, both through the monochromatic colours and the crowded, figurative, pattern-like repetitions.

Koosha Moossavi is an Iranian visual artist living between Teheran and Berlin. His work field comprises paintings, sculptures and graphics. When printmaking, he focuses mainly on etching, drypoint and aquatint. His patterned and monochromatic prints absorb the viewer into somber and catastrophic images, where crucial issues such as death, genocide and espionage are addressed.

Our identity as social beings is questioned in his work. An uncountable number of human and animal heads are depicted in highly detailed compositions, creating a sense of overwhelming crowdedness where no differentiation between the one and the group can be made.

Koosha Moossavi

 Framed within a very defined line, it would seem that there is not enough space for all of them – as if lost souls, they just vaguely wander around time and space without any purpose. This impression is reinforced by the gradation of the grey color Moossavi uses and the dark expression on the subjects’ faces, creating an austere and tense atmosphere. Such faces also remind us of ancient theater masks, where emotions were represented as archetypes using exaggerated and almost caricatural expressions.

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