Lenka Falušiová (CZ)

Text /Translation GHA

Falušiová’s etchings appeal to the Chechian landscapes she has been surrounded by since she was a child, those of the Jeseníky Mountains. Frequent wanderings provided her with a deep knowledge about the mysteries of Nature. This is captured by the artist and revealed to us through the lenses of her personal artistic approach.

Her works convey a sense of the world as a whole, allowing us to achieve an inner state of spiritual peace. Endless rocks and wild forests full of symbolism lead us to a new dimension, where no distinction can be made between Mankind and Nature. Silence plays an important role in her art, an element which she perceives as emotional and incomprehensible. Quiet but detailed, strong compositions harbor both order and chaos, peace and violence—the same dichotomies dictated by Nature that rule our understanding of the world.

As Falušiová points out, she gradually began to perceive the chaos of the forest as a new form of order. Coming from the darkness to the light, the sturdy branches of the trees bring out some unexpected dynamic that is reinforced by the highly realistic textures of her monochromatic structures. These structures possess the perfect balance between the micro and the macro perspectives—small in size, her ink drawings and etchings contain a sense of grandeur that overflows our glimpse.

Just as Rodin’s non-finito technique, some of Falušiová’s compositions remain apparently unfinished, leaving a blank space that is in fact as important as the rest. This modus operandi confers a strong visual contrast and pronounces the shape of the matter, marking the paper like a trail of memory that remains in our minds.


Lenka Falušiová


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