Malgorzata Stanielewicz (PL)

Text/Translation GHA

For more than 20 years, Malłgorzata Stanilewicz has been working with the different graphic techniques, in particular linocut. Her graphics are based on themes that emphasize the subjects of her surrounding.

The landscape itself is an artistic area for Stanielewicz, where she collects the materials for her further artworks. While travelling, she discoveres various architectural details and landscapes that appear later on in her prints. The starting point of her artmaking is usually a fragment from a discovered real space. Stanielewicz grasps inspiration while looking at maps and collecting materials. When doing the actual process of preparing her plate, emotions and intuition begin to lead her.

Her linocuts often present pure and wild nature. Stanielewicz also depicts quiet landscapes viewed from above, allowing the viewer a different perspective when man himself steps into nature.

In her latest graphic series “Rod to the South”, pattern-based monochromatic dynamic lines contrast with the still and empty landscapes. Deserted areas are simplified by the artist, hereby approaching almost abstraction. While listening to her emotions and senses, Stanielewicz tries to seize the core of nature. She incorporates in her prints a special kind of assimilation with nature, which for a short moment allows us to forget about our body that limits us.

                            Małgorzata Stanielewicz


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