Manpower Poul Weile (DK), Walther Libuda (DE), Michael Kain (DE) march 2015

“MANPOWER” 4.March – 29.March 2015

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin inviterer Michael Kain (DE) maleri, Poul Weile (DK) skulptur og collage, Walter Libuda (DE) skulptur.

Exhibition opening:
In Berlin-Friedrichshain, Vogtstr. 12, March 4, 2015, at 7:00 pm.

Exhibition opening:
in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Vogtstr. 12, March 4, 2015, at 19.00.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK cordially invites you to our first exhibition opening in 2015. The exhibition “Manpower” presents with the artists Michael Kain (DE), Poul Weile (DK) and Walter Libuda (DE) a strong portfolio of paintings, collages and sculptures.Their works are deeply rooted in the classical art tradition, and show clear influences of the formal language of past cultures.Transformed and evolved, with autonomi and their own formal language, the artists invite us with their works to give free rein to our imagination and our senses. They allow us, with the childlike joy that is too inherent in all of us, to embark on an artistic journey into unexplored lands. Welcome to Manpower!


Michael Kain (DE)
Michael Kain (DE), trained at Berlin’s Weissensee Art Academy, is deeply rooted in the classical painterly tradition, even though he has abandoned the obvious figuration in his works. Kain works with countless layers of paint on his often large-format, non-figurative and very material paintings, and next to the paintings, sensitive minimalist drawings emerge. Through these layers of paint, often applied over a long period of time, almost three-dimensional, sculptural images are created.








The viewer is invited to a multi-dimensional experience of shadows, light, colors and material – memories of the long forgotten serious play with colors and materials of childhood come alive again.

Walter Libuda

In his ceramic sculptures, German artist Walter Libuda (DE) combines the classical approach to form with his own formal language. Libuda’s works possess a subtle tension that allows references to current animations but also to forms of vanished cultures. Libuda’s sculptures invite us to be touched and challenged by their ambiguous interpretations.








Poul Weile (DK)

Poul Weile (DK) is a respected Danish sculptor. He combines a wide variety of materials in his works and reflects, often with humor, on the everyday, with a touch of post-modernist irony. The body is one of the central themes in his works. The often erotic figures are inspired by mystical

Narratives and deal with human sensory states. With humor, these works represent the recognizable in an alluring way.