Marco Poma (IT)

Marco Poma (IT)
Text written by GHA

Marco Poma deals in his exciting etchings with architecture, but also urban landscapes. Characteristic are the brutalist and minimalist architecture and the comprehension of space in his naturalistic scenarios. His prints recall the structures that surround us in urban environments.

In addition to etched lines, Poma uses aquatint to create shadows and three-dimensional effects.

This results in appealingly realistic urban structures that convey a sense of grandeur and majesty, placing the viewer in a vulnerable position. The slight cracks in the structures of his works are caused by an etching technique called craquelè. The cracked lines give an impression of fragility that contrasts with the roughness of the geometric structures.

Marco Poma (IT)

This idea of weakness in contrast to the strength of the textures again evokes the viewer’s vulnerability to these structures. Although they are so large, they can break and easily crush a person. Poma often begins his work with digital art. He then transfers the design to paper through printing. In this working process, he plays with the use of old and traditional tools and implements a modern design into his etchings.
The large-scale urban works focus particularly on the interplay of light and shadow and are much more minimalist in their approach to pictorial composition. The velvety appearing surfaces radiate tranquillity and create a space for reflection. In all of his works, Poma invites the viewer to define these deserted spaces for themselves.

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