Mariela Canchari: Maca’n (FR/PE)

Text written by GHA

In her etchings, Mariela Canchari confronts compositions of delicate lines with more dominant forms placed on light supportive backgrounds. The recurring shapes seem to create their own mythology. 

Canchari’s scenarios take place between abstract and figurative depiction, when adventurous lines divide the surface and weave through space, resulting in a soothing view. Some lines are more emphasised, some meant to complement the others. The flow of the apparent threads is occasionally interrupted by a shape which often appears as a protagonist, seemingly giving the impression of a figurative narrative. Through the exploration of textures and the modest play of composition, one can discover similarities with nature.

Mariela Canchari

The seemingly eye- or leaf-shaped forms seem to mystify the abstract scenery while inviting the viewer to redefine their nature and the compositions. The French-Peruvian artist combines different intaglio techniques like etching, burin and drypoint methods in order to create the interweaved structure and tranquil nuances.  Canchari’s works let us hope to develop further, and it will be interesting to see what direction they take, either a figurative or an abstract turn.


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