Marko Kusmuk (BA)


Marko Kusmuk’s (BIH) bichromatic drawings show delicate figures in misty surroundings. Focusing on humans and in particular on body fragments, the works convey a detachment from the outside world, emphasizing the single human perception.

Marko Kusmuk’s (BIH) detailed watercolor works feature human figures, heavily focused on their auditory perception (as hinted by titles like Surditas=lat.: deafness). 

13 years of extensive studies have allowed Kusmuk to hone his skills and make very refined works of art. He handles paint and dry mediums with great versatility and is a master of portraiture. Their livelihood of his pictures lies within the wrinkled faces, bright anatomic fragments and ears, which the artist highlights in an ever changing variety of ways.

Marko Kusmuk

Kusmuk states that his main interest lies within the human perception and psychological state. The ears, or even the head as a whole appear to be a gateway between the outerworld and the inside. Their functioning or malfunction decides how much the two worlds intersect. Kusmuk is interested in the effects of hearing loss; how deafness may cut someone off from a part of their surroundings, let them sharpen their remaining senses and listen to the inner voices instead.

Placed in foggy grey surroundings, the delicate colours of his subjects demonstrate this contrast between the inner state of mind and outside world. The humans Marko paints, although never alone, appear to gaze past each other and seem strangely detached. Immersed in their own microcosm, their bodies become fragmented shells. But they still contain liveliness that outshines the empty void left by the silence around them. Kusmuk’s work  invites contemplation of the human condition. He allows viewers to question the relation to their direct surroundings and themselves, as well as becoming aware of focus and fragmentation of their perception. The philanthropic approach and technical excellence has earned Marko Kusmuk a high rank on Donkey’s Art Prize’s shortlist in 2015.

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