Michelle Gallagher (IE)

Text written by GHA

Michelle Gallagher gives the viewer brief moments of wonder with her small-scale sculptures.

With her own personal, gentle handwriting, the artist reworks the form and functionality of ordinary tools such as saws, wrenches, and hammers through ceramics.

The shapes of these artworks are sweetened by multicoloured, delicate floral compositions: they become objects of contemplation rather than useful carpentry tools. They seem to play a game with the viewer, transforming the literal notion of “hard work” into “sensitive work.”

Michelle Gallagher

Gallagher conveys a playful spirit through her ability to design clay much like lace trims and bouquets of flowers.
The glossy glaze catches the eye and invites the viewer to admire the artist’s attention to details. This approach to everyday objects seems like a pleasant way to engage adults in forgotten childhood games.
Like a mother introducing her child to the outside world for the first time, the artist shows a world full of joy and curious novelty: Her artworks seem to guide us, to regain our ability to see the wonders in the smallest things.


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