Miyuki Ichijo (JP)

Text written by GHA

In Miyuki Ichijo’s paperprints, single female characters of different ages and situations carry the entire narrative. They appear on paper in a void, showing a seemingly invisible life story of taboo, sexuality and oppression with the utmost humility.

Ichijo unpretentiously invites the viewer to unravel the depth of the subject and its references to entrenched social constructs of nowadays.

Although the monochrome depiction of her female figures and the tranquil setting on first sight transmit warmth and softness, Ichijo can uniquely confront this caring, sensitive representation with her underlying actual, serious concern.This apparent contradiction creates tension  which grasps and sustains the interest of every attentive observer.

The resigned figures stand in an empty space, surrounded by nothingness, as if they could not be seen by anyone. 

Miyuki Ichijo

They seem to be almost non-existent, just visualising themselves on their own.  The absence of the supportive background enhances their poignant presence and complements the topic’s harshness.

The women’s life story – told through their non-verbal body language, postures, facial expressions, gestures and the way Ichijo positions them- completely fills the space. The void in which they exist, emphasizes and deepens their presence. Ichijo’s work questions the female roles in sexuality and women’s position and visibility in current society.

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