Mohadese Movahed(IR)

Mohadese Movahed (IR)

Iranian artist Mohadese Movahed focuses on her oil paintings on surrealistic multidimensional environments which encompass nature with disturbing elements.

Visual metaphors and contrasts are her main tool: her figurative garden sceneries are mostly disturbed by red traces and sometimes bodies and the element of water, when questioning our current times. 

The landscapes she depicts are showing human intervention to nature where she exposes the double nature of humans, the creative and the destructive one. Paradise in Islam is described as a garden (Jannah). In Movahed’s gardens, the sacrifice of human life for paradise, voluntarily or otherwise, is present. Her works also open a window to that part of human nature which reveals violence and brutality.

Mohadese Movahed

Furthermore, the water element that she sometimes integrates within her painting, is functioning furthermore as a symbol for traveling and movement. At the same time, water is very important in the Islamic world as it symbolizes purification.

Her ability to counterpose an idyllic scenario, resembling paradise, is highlighted by the deliberate use of bright colours and disturbing details. The apparently calm atmosphere is sharply interrupted by the presence of dense red traces in the synthesis. Additionally, the light is intense, sometimes theatrical, creating a dramatic and atmospheric scenery. 

The themes of nature, paradise and violence are timeless. In her paintings the human figure remains almost hidden,  as well as time and place is kept anonymous, initiating a dialogue with the viewer.

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