Nana Kozuma (JP)


The Japanese artist Nana Kozuma has developed an utterly personal style to create her artworks. She begins from a small wooden box, whose faces do not exceed 20×20 cm. Secondly, she wraps it with a colorful cloth that she has sewn herself. A series of manual operations bring consequently to the final result: a little casket halfway between a three-dimensional sculpture and a two-dimensional miniature tapestry.   

In Kozuma’s series “Forest of utopia” the viewer can observe the boxes from five different faces, as the sixth is attached to the wall. A fantastic and abstract landscape, ensued from the fantasy of the artist and from her great embroidery skills, stretches out continuously over the entire surface. The colors are bright and delicate, and they invite the beholders to explore all the tiniest mesmerizing details.

Nana Kozuma

On the prevailing white of the cloth, patches of color stand out: light blue, yellow, violet, orange. They resemble soft clouds and warm sheets of water. All around, various kinds of shapes, sewn with black thread, develop freely. Many are vegetal creatures, flowers and leaves; others seem to be microbes, shells, or rocky foundations. Together they build up Kozuma’s forests of utopy, wondrous and minuscule universes to be examined carefully.

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