Natasha Lelenco (MD)

Text written by GHA

In her colorful, round acrylic paintings Natasha Lelenco depicts side portraits of men and women, often on florally decorated backgrounds reminiscent of tapestries and embroideries.

The use of a primary main color defines a specific inner state of the protagonists. Their facial expression shows determination, and Lelenco conveys moments of pure contemplation with a some detachment.

The profiles are shown only from the right and tilted upwards. These characters show pride and commitment, almost sublime and aristocratic, and elegantly they seem to deal with their own past.

The bright colors of the backgrounds seem to define the aloof personalities of their figures, deeply absorbed in their own thoughts.

Natasha Lelenco

With geometric lines or flat patterns, the tight compositions emphasize individual parts of the body, highlighting the overall profile of the figures.
Lelenco explores the facial features seemingly from a distance, and with attention to detail, she allows the audience to admire and look closely at these mysterious and enigmatic figures.


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