Regine Bruhn (DE)

Regine Bruhn (DE)


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Vogelkäfige_Die Gedanken sind frei


Regine Bruhn (DE) by (GHA)

In her ceramic sculptures german artist Regine Bruhn examines word pairs such as “Hiding and Finding” and uses “animals” as a “representative” to sharpen our attention to details we often overlook.
Between the years of 2003-2009 Bruhn studied at Kunsthochschule Muthesius in Kiel. Here the main focus in her studies laid on ceramics. Since being a child Bruhn has dreamt of becoming an artist or an ethnologist; working with spaces and creatures as part of her art concept she has found a way to do both.

Clay offers Bruhn possibilities and potential for experimenting and it continues to surprise her

.She has always been attracted to the three-dimensional artistic process and the clay enables her to work with the four elements; fire, water, earth and air. Bruhn’s art brings us closer to small and ‘insignificant’ details. In a fast flow of happenings and information people tend to overlook details in the surrounding environment. Bruhn’s vision is to regain our thoughts to otherwise forgotten, or hidden aspects of our settings, to make us realise that fascinating things are actually right in front of our eyes.

Bruhn mentions three artist by which works she is inspired: Carsten Höller, Grayson Perry and Andy Goldworthy, but stresses that she does not follow any particular art movement. The art that moves her is art that is not yelling, not loud or openly demonstrates something. She is in general touched by artworks that has a simplicity to them, that are sublime in their subtlety and requires a second glance in order to adhere to their purpose.