Text written by GHA

In her oil paintings, the Italian artist Rita Quattrocchi depicts human figures and animals in seemingly lonely settings.

Her works are characterised by various shades of few main colours, they are usually of a soothing nature with blurred undertones.

The small format of her paintings permits the artist to convey stories through her characters’ smallest gestures. These transmit feelings of stillness and peace,  but also great melancholy and a sense of loneliness.

Her works depict small journeys into memories in dreamy, timeless settings, guiding us to an unknown place shrouded in mist.

Rita Quattrocchi

The present moment appears to be the most important theme, while the artist invites the audience into her imaginary place. Colours support and help to define the existing relationships between the characters.  Their underlying stories are slowly revealed in a poetic and evocative way. The spectator mostly takes the place of an observer; only rarely do Quattrocchi’s characters engage in direct dialogue with the audience, looking directly in their direction and drawing them into the picture.

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