Valerie Syposz (CA)

Valerie Syposz (CA)

Valerie Syposz’s wood engravings are figurative and surrealistic, expressing the existential struggle and inner thoughts and emotions of human beings. The struggle is depicted in the form of cross sectioned heads, combined with dreamy objects. The internal and timeless human existential agonies and deadends are highlighted as well as their longing for escape.

The head’s autonomy creates the feeling of loneliness and introversion. These figures showcase the general alienation that influences the psychosynthesis of individuals, not only in relation to others but most importantly with themselves. From the presented separation, allegorical objects are revealed through them, such as a note or a rope, symbolising their awaiting for change.

The engravings are carefully made in order to display this emotional, personal journey and stoicism.

Valerie Syposz (CA)

 Vivid and quick distinct lines are creating the facial characteristics, enhancing the complexity of human psychosynthesis. The black facial outline and background, composing a strong facial expression that stands out from its overall dark surrounding.

The fragmental composition is well structured and symmetrical, with complete and autonomous figurative parts. The combinations and unusual positions embrace the emotional state of the portrayed figures, creating a movement and a narrative, open to be discovered by the viewer.

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