Vasiliki Vlachogianni (GR)

Vasiliki Vlachogianni (GR)
Text written by GHA

Vlachogianni portrays colourful home scenes in her reduced linocuts, creating an illusion of depth and intricacy in these seemingly two-dimensional figures. Sharp lines define her visual language and convey multiple layers, emphasising the overall simplicity of the composition – as it lacks additional shadows.

When engaging with the artwork, it becomes an invitation to peel away the layers and explore the hidden depths that lurk beneath the surface. The figures are placed in everyday environments and are deliberately flat, emphasising their abstract essence. Each element interacts with another in what appears to be a domestic setting, giving off a collaged impression. The domesticity and generic interactions between the subjects allow the viewer to relate to the scene.

Vasiliki Vlachogianni

Despite their lack of traditional facial features, these organic shapes are reminiscent of human bodies. The interaction and overlap between these figures transcends their individuality. Through this deconstruction of the human form, the viewer is subtly encouraged to challenge the rigid boundaries of conventional portraiture. The juxtaposition of different elements in the composition – whether fragments of facial features, abstract shapes or snippets of text – creates a compelling narrative that engages the viewer’s intellect and imagination. A restrained palette, predominantly in shades of blue and green, evokes a sense of distance that emphasises the enigmatic expressions of the figures.

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