Veronika Krämer (DE)

Text written by GHA

German artist Veronika Krämer’s main area of interest is abstract geometric paintings. Her colourful block lines interact with each other, intertwining and overlapping to reveal new shapes and colours to look at. Created using acrylics, her process surrounds the idea of creating structures; by exploring, building and layering shapes she aims to form a completely imaginative image. 

Her signature interconnecting lines create reflections that appear holographic. As one peers down the centre of the work, a sensation of falling is created as the viewer’s eyes get lost within a matrix of geometric windows.

Contrasted with deeper tones, bright colours make up the majority of her works, while the intensity is dulled by the sheer opaqueness of the application. The strips allow light to be seen through them, creating an optical illusion of depth.

Veronika Krämer

One can experience new elements of this work each time it is viewed. By looking at the paintings, the viewer constructs their own variations. The work urges the eyes to weave through the overlapping lines, therefore, are inherently interacting with it, supplying engagement and exploration. This creates an experience that becomes more personal and meaningful depending on who is looking at it. A greater appreciation for the creative process can also develop as one looks closely at the paintings. The application, preciseness and combination of colours reveals the meticulous placement of each strip, allowing the viewer to have this experience. 

A feeling of re-construction, development and interaction is created whilst viewing these works allowing the work to be a personal experience depending on how one looks at it. 

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