Viki Kühn (AT)

Text written by GHA

Austrian artist, Viki Kühn, works with the photographic image and its documentative and evocative potential. Her approach is observative, cinematic and strongly sensitive to the issues of the modern-day human condition. The artist displays attention towards the built environment and uses architecture as a scenery that tells a particular story.

The protagonist is meticulously explored through the medium of photography, revealing the particular sensitivity of the artist towards the female condition. By implementing a dim and monochrome colour scale in contrast to the human protagonist, she allows for the skin to come into contrast with the often cold and hostile environment. The bodies captured within Kuhn’s works convey the complexity of a subject adapting and reacting to the adverse surroundings.

Viki Kühn

What comes as a result from Kuhn’s peculiar approach is a work articulated in series. With each photograph resembling a line or thought, the work ultimately assumes the structure and flow of a poem translated into visual elements. The artist subtly but bravely tackles wider existential issues by isolating the subject and almost blurring its presence. She consciously chooses to deprive it of any recognizable features, thus alluding to the common and widely overlooked phenomena of estrangement.


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