Vojin Pajic (RS)


The Serbian artist Vojin Pajic realizes extraordinarily engaging charcoals on paper. The atmosphere in his artworks is hushed and occasionally gloomy, yet very intriguing. The precise detailing of his characters and his scenarios captures the eye of the viewer, who seeks to dive into the portraits, sometimes intimate, sometimes ironic, that he creates.  

In his large drawing we can see subjects like a couple lying on the beach, while their dog sniffs curiously the sand as if following a trail. The artist is able to seize with great sensibility the intimacy of such moments, along with the tranquillity of the youngsters and the graciousness of the animal. The charcoal darkens the color tones of Pajic’s artworks, even when it is clear that it is a sunny and relaxing day. This effect creates sceneries that are equally obscure and eye-catching, mysterious and soothing.

Vojin Pajic

In other cases the portraits stem out from the artist’s imagination, and lack an absolute realism. One can find examples of this in the ironic portrait of a young girl stretching out her tongue in a grimace, while snowy mountains loom in the background, or in the representation of seven men sketched in a state of expectation. In these cases there seems to be a longing for something to happen, or someone to show up. Nearly no interaction takes place, and the atmosphere is uncannily suspended. The surroundings, big white clouds or a foggy environment, implements the sensation of uncertainty and unpredictability.

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