Residency 2019

2019 Artlab Residents

In May 2019, the Artlab Kettinge Grant was given to artists Tea Popovic (RS) and Casper Johansson (SE). In June 2019, the grant was given to artists Ariel Kofman (ARG) and Richard Hricko (US)

Tea Popovic (RS) (Privat Sponsor)


Using themes found from different medias such as television, movies and books.

Tea Popovic makes art out of everyday life. With varying techniques – painting, drawing and installations – Popovic depicts different aspects of society including political issues, globalisation and cultural clashes, with a humoristic, even ironic approach.

The artist presents observations of the sometimes harsh everyday reality, which gets a relatable and lighter atmosphere through the humorous, colourful approach.









Casper  Johansson (SE) ,(kindly sponsored by Integra Lawfirm, Copenhagen)









Casper Johansson is a visual artist living in Sweden and worked in Myanmar (Burma) where he had collaborative projects with an emerging generation of Myanmar artists.

Using ink-pads and alphabetic rubber stamps, he creates “retouched” realism paintings and drawings based on letters and words. By repeating the words he generates messages,silent shouts embedded in visual elements of hope, struggle and resistance – possibly even hidden political statements.

At first glance you see a figurative form but as you look closer the technique of the stamps become visible, bringing up several layers of dual meanings in the pieces.



Ariel Kofman (ARG),(kindly sponsored by Integra Lawfirm, Copenhagen)



Ariel Kofman was born in Buenos Aires and teaches art and engraving techniques.

In his works the human body intermingles with undefined architectural figures which creates a playful but sometimes disorientated landscape full of political allegories.

Kofman´s work is a whimsical portrait of the hustle and bustle of today’s society.












Richard Hricko (US) (Sponsor: Temple University, US)









Richard Hricko concerns himself in his expression with synthesising different material characteristics. He creates intricate, detailed photogravure where a subdued light creates an atmospheric sense of quiet mystery.

The hyper realism of his closeup works where he combines nature and architectural elements creates fractals that almost become abstract.