Artist Residencies

Artist residency in Lolland (Denmark):

We are offering professional artists a residency in Lolland (DK).
We are in the process of establishing work studios for artists/musicians/writers/architects or similar creative fields

Graphic: 3 different graphic presses for litograph printing on stone as well as for aquatinte, drypoint or woodcut

Painting: 3easels,big workingtables,tools

Ceramic: 3 kilns up to 1300 Celsius,wheel,tools

If you are looking for information concerning possibilities of financial support for your stay, click here. 

One of our studios

All creative professionals are welcome to apply. You will have a furnished private room to stay in beside your workspace. Besides that, you can apply for an exhibition spot in our open calls. The fee for your stay depends on what you wish to work with, please ask for further information or fill out our application form. On request, we can provide you with a letter of invitation for your search of financial support for your stay.

Use of our Applicationform:

There are max 4 persons at the time staying at the resedency. Only when we hosting workshops there will be up to 8 people staying.

You can choose from following:

  1. Studio 1 + double bedroom (max 2 persones)
    (Studio 1 is the studio normally used for sculptures or projects needing a high ceiling, more space or good sound) 1300 Euro a week
  2. Studio 2 + double bedroom (max 2 persones)
    (studio 2 is primarily a graphics studio) 1300 Euro a week
  3. Studio 3 (only for guest already booked)
    (studio 3 is a  multi-studio and can be used for ceramics, painting or other media)
  4. Guest room 4-bed dormitory 
    (the guest room is primary reserved for guests of the artists or used for workshop guests but can also be booked by other visitors when available)

Project description:
Please include a short version of the purpose of your stay (project description, project references including optional time periods possible)