“Coincidence”    March 2nd – April 3rd 2016

Marie Persson (SE/DE)Frank Poul (DE) and Yumie Yamakawa (JP)


The exhibition “Coincidence” brings together the recognized international artists Maria Persson (SE/DE) drawings, Frank Paul (DE) paintings and sculptures und Yumie Yamakawa (JP) drawings. With colorful narratives, they explore in their works our inner and outer world. The different expressions create a vivid humorous exhibition. The artists share their focus and curiosity on basic human needs.


Maria Persson (SE/DE) 

Through symbolic motifs and expressive lines and colors, artist Maria Persson explores in her drawings, the conflicts of our modern western society. Illustrative and with clear references to Street art, Persson is able to take us with her into a world loaded with positive energy, but also a critical view on our surrounding.
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Maria Persson









Frank Paul (DE) 

Frank Paul`s bizarre, sometimes dramatic, figures are alluring and catch the eye of the audience.  The artwork’s tense irony emphasizes the often dramatic expression. Frank Paul explores everyday life, embracing it’s more complex questions
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Frank Paul









Yumie Yamakawa (JP) 

In clean illustrations, Yumie Yamakawa captures human reactions and emotions. In her work she focus on depicting comedic aspects within tragic situations. She has developed her own unique artistic language and goes beyond conventional cultural differences. She creates a universal expression with roots in a minimalistic Japanese style and European storytelling.
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