Momentum 2018

Momentum 2018  

Chloe Grove (UK) / Erik Weiser (DE) / Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR)

Galleri Heike Arndt proudly presents the Momentum exhibition, featuring the newest works by artists Chloe Grove (UK), Erik Weiser (DE) and Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR). They explore the unexpected bond between colour, light, and structure in their own personal manner. In their artworks, the artists are detail-oriented, they capture a moment and challenge the purpose of readymades.

They reinterpret spaces and materials, techniques and ideas, and invite us to take a closer look. Even though the urban society is their inspiration ground, it is their curiosity, patience and love for transformation that defines their research. The different textures and materials are combined into beautiful pieces of art that invite the viewer to reflect on common materials that surround us. Materials that might be used in everyday life, but have never been consciously recognised by us.

Chloe Grove’s large-format drawings made with coloured pencils are unique. The technique she uses, combined with her awareness of the fleeting moment, gives the pieces an arcane yet playful touch. Erik Weiser’s reflector objects are charismatic and surprising through his use of readymades, fragments of traffic signs. He creates new appealing shapes, playing with light and movement. Jean-Baptiste Monnin draws large-scale, black-and-white pencil drawings that started out with an architectural approach. In his new works, he has shifted the focus from outer to the inner structure of materials.

In this exhibition, the viewer is invited to immerse themselves into shapes, colours, reflections, and the fleeting torque recording of a moment. As viewers, we are challenged to discover the world anew, through a childlike perspective, as if it was the first time.


Chloe Grove (UK)

Chloe Grove’s large-scale drawings demand attention and patience to be discovered. Initially, distorted subjects appear in their own perfect order and emulate the ever-changing light of a kaleidoscope.

London-born artist Chloe Grove is known for her large-format drawings made with coloured pencils. The method she uses is based on thousands of strokes, building up layers until the paper reaches a burnished sheen, a method and approach that can go on for several months.








Inspired by physics, space exploration and digital aesthetics, her art recreates the essence of the energy from light and reimagines it in a distorted reality. She captures a fugitive moment and recreates the feeling of it. The spectral colours Grove uses resemble the sun cutting through the rain or reflecting in a mirror, bathing everything in rainbow light, creating a vibrant and lively image.

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Erik Weiser (DE)

Erik Weiser is a German artist who experiments with unusual materials. He uses traffic sign reflectors and readymades to create his sculptures. In his striking, three-dimensional work, he creates patterns and colour stories through the repetition of multiple pieces of the same, original form.What’s truly unique about Weiser’s art is his focus on recycling and upcycling – a way to emphasize the modern consumption culture.

In this way, he gives old objects a new life, transforming them into beautiful pieces of art. There is not a singular, definite message to all of Weiser’s works. As he is active in different fields, each style has a particular purpose. He experiments with different kinds of materials and uses artificial lighting, as well as natural light. The artworks shown in this exhibition are stunning three-dimensional objects with geometric forms. Sometimes unbound from the wall or the floor, they hang freely from the ceiling and their interaction with light can leave a breathtaking impression.

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Jean-Baptiste Monnin (FR)

Jean-Baptiste Monnin’s large format, black-and-white artworks have a very sensitive yet powerful expression. The focus of his new artworks is the microcosms of architecture, which here is transformed into abstract, beautiful pieces of art.

Monnin is a French artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. With a background in architecture and fine arts french artist, Jean-Baptiste Monnin describes the architectural and urban space and our perception of it as focal points of his work.

He is mostly inspired by the rhythm and the repetition of patterns in architectural constructions. The basis of his works are photographs of contemporary buildings, which he takes himself on trips through the city. The viewers can clearly sense his architectural interest in his works. The urban space and its interpretation are central to his work. In Monnin’s new artworks, he has shifted his focus from outer environmental structures to the inner structure of materials, influenced by time, light and space. The observer’s point of view and his past experience is given a crucial role in forming engagement with his work.

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