Fresh Legs 2014 exhibition

Fresh Legs 2014

Fresh Legs 2014 proudly presents ten talented artists with their unique styles and exciting techniques and materials ranging from wood, paper, fabric until collages. In their work you can sense the influences of modern life, and the urban vibes of street art.

Special guests are Hoji Tsuchiya, Takuya Kurihara, Maria Persson and Niall Dooley from the previous Fresh Legs.

Fresh Legs is an annual exhibition promoting drawing, street art, illustration, installations and similar fields. We want to create a platform for the audience to meet, exhibit and discuss the ideas these forms of art can highlight, inspiring newcomers as well as established artists. Come and join!


Means artists new at our gallery. Sometimes these are young artists but also wellknown artists we have not shown before you will find here. Check them out!

Find out how you can apply for the next Fresh Legs show here.