Fresh Legs Exhibition 2016

Fresh Legs Exhibition 2016

Exhibition opening in Berlin, June 1, 2016 at 7 pm.

In the annual Fresh Legs open call exhibition for 2016, Galleri Heike Arndt DK proudly presents 13 talented emerging international artists with unique styles, techniques and materials. Key concepts include portraying aspects of humanity as well as concerns about the development of our current society as interpreted by the artist’s individual expressions. Fresh Legs brings bold street art influences mixed with crisp drawings, social criticism with a dash of humor and challenging installations. The result is a mesmerizing and exciting group show that radiates with color and movement.

Artists from around the world applied with more than 500 artworks entered for selection into the Fresh Legs exhibition. After a long and comprehensive screening process, 13 artists were chosen. The Fresh Legs exhibition highlights a curated selection of these as yet undiscovered rough artistic diamonds – and we are excited to follow their journey and see how they will cut and form their artistic edges. Experience the sharp social criticism, the perfectly captured contemporary life, the refined technical skills with strong influences from street art. These artworks bring our attention to the values of our current society in using a large dose of humor. In experimental use of materials and techniques – from drawings, colorful paintings and ceramic sculptures they amaze and draw us in to examine them closer. The works explore human relationships, loneliness and the fragility of the fleeting moment. Many take us on a journey to explore the environment and abandoned places of our time.


Fresh Legs aim to promote yet undiscovered artists in drawing, street art, illustration, mixed media and similar fields. Galleri Heike Arndt DK offers a platform for artists from these fields to exhibit together and discuss the ideas highlighted in these contemporary art forms with each other and with the audience. A Berlin exhibition you absolutely do not want to miss!

Click here to find out how to apply to our next Fresh Legs open call 2017.

Participating Artists at Fresh Legs 2016 are:

Blindness 2014. ceramic website

Ivan Prieto (ES)


Birthe Petersen (DK)


Jens Hunger (DE)

Mann ohne Hund _ acrylic on wood _ 85cm x 50cm _ 450€ (print)

Tino Knaack (DE)

Double-Fantasy-UfoEspoossa WEBSITE

Maaria Märkälä


Grycja (UKR)


Nanna Ylönen (FI)


Yama Rauf (AF)

Sara Nanna (DK)


Jussi Jääskeläinen  (FI)


Fabio Valencia (COL)

50x55cm, 300dpi

Fabian Zolar (DE)


Tea Popovic (RS/NL)


Ivan Prieto (ES)
Iván Prieto, born in Ourense, Spain but now working and living in Berlin, focuses in his work on ceramic sculptures, but  does also illustrations and installations. In his colourful surrealistic sculptures Prieto captures certain fragility of humans and life in general, including indications to physical disabilities such as deafness and blindness, as well as mental imperfections, each character being inspired by real-life human counterparts. Having also similar personal experiences, Prieto wants to explore the transgressing of physical and mental borders in his art, in some way relatable for everyone. In this way, the works also are a self-portrait for the artist.

Maaria Märkälä (FI)
Maaria Märkälä, known for her abstract oil paintings with thick layers of colour, presents subtler, black and white ink drawings in this exhibition. As with Märkälä’s other works where you can see the speed and impulsivity of her painting procedure, also in the Fantasy -series the viewer can observe the freely spread large draws of ink that bring a feeling of fading and dreaminess to her works. Märkälä sees the painting project as an action of going through several stages, enclosing also frustration and other emotions under the final top layer, that cannot directly be seen from the outside but are a natural part of the art work.

Yama Rauf (AF) 
Noted film and TV director and scriptwriter Yama Rauf (AF) has been writing poems and visual stories since age nine. Later in his youth he moved also into film making, both still to date being great passions for him as professions. Rauf’s work can be seen to be influenced by his roots and experiences in the Afghan culture, where women’s lives are steered through old traditions, such as arranged marriages. For this exhibition, Rauf has is again bringing forth discussion about the degrading of women and inequality between sexes.

Fabio Valencia (CO) 
Printmaking artist Fabio Valencia, depicts the poetical aspects of different objects and nature in his print works. In this exhibition, Valencia’s art concentrates on expressing concerns about water supply, and reflections about water’s vitality as an element, creating a clear theme to his series of works. Valencia’s pieces show simplicity and detailed prints that focus on important and current issues of our everyday lives.

Birthe Petersen (DK) 
Mixing different techniques, such as graphics, drawing and collage, Birthe Petersen (DK) portrays women with different perspectives on life. Petersen is especially moved by the refugee situation in South-Europe and the current events in Syria, which channels a gloomy and even a stagnant atmosphere in her artworks. The paintings are however not necessarily sad or desperate, but leave the interpretation about the characters and situations freely in the viewer’s hands. Petersen uses different techniques and combines painting,drawing,old graphic prints and paper collages with a dominant black colour, which intensifies the stance-taking message in her art.

Grycja (UA/DE) 
Born in Lviv, Ukraine, but now living and working in Berlin, Crycja (UA/DE) works mainly with collages, but uses also varying techniques such as painting, digital illustration, video and different objects in her art. In this exhibition Crycja presents the collage series “The poetry of horror”, which captures colourful, surrealistic works with botanical textures as well as human and animal characters. Combining daring manipulations between creatures and plants Grycja aims to display the exaggeration of the circumstances and dangers in life.

Sara Nanna (DK)
Sara Nanna’s animations are inspired by experimenting with different materials and forms. Nanna believes in the importance of the viewer freely exploring and creating his/her own individual experience of her art, a process endorsed by the artist’s abstract way of storytelling which leaves room for interpretation. With an interest in exploring mirrored distortions and the transformation between 2D and 3D, Nanna focuses her works around various relatable themes, concerning for example everyday interaction and relationships.

Fabian Zolar (DE)
Fabian Zolar, having painted his first graffiti at the age of twelve, concentrates his work on the tension field between traditional painting and street art. After spending time abroad and experimenting for example painting murals in South America, Zolar has strengthened his self-image as an artist and believes that the real problems of humanity – war, hostility, envy – are not solved with just rational scientific thinking, but with an approach that connects rationality to spirituality, which is channelled also to his art.

Jens Hunger (DE)
Having begun his artistic exploration with comics and collages and later on moved into oil painting on varying surfaces such as canvas, cotton and paper, Jens Hunger (DE) provides the viewer a surrealistic art experience. Trying to explore a dreamlike world in his paintings, Hunger lets the viewer freely discover and interpret a variety of colourful, dynamic shapes and characters. Combining blatant figures and colours to a certain amount of control, Hunger creates ostentatious images that provoke diverse thoughts in the observer

Nanna Ylönen
Nanna Ylönen’s (FI) figurative work concentrates on drawing, but also includes animations, videos and installations. Ylönen’s delicate pieces are often inspired by the past, and different objects, the human body or old photographs serve as starting points for her artistic work. The displays are not based on strong, bright colours or very provocative shapes, but create a very effective, calm and intense atmosphere with their simple patterns and black and white colour.

Jussi Jääskeläinen (FI)
The new aquarelle paintings of Jussi Jääskeläinen are a reflection of the artist’s everyday life – the dichotomy of being a father and an artist in the lively city of Berlin. Jääskeläinen is concentrating on the darker sides of his everyday being, dealing with abstract fears such as ones of a new parent. Jääskeläinen also questions other issues in the society, such as genetic manipulation and the providing of clean and healthy nutrition. With a humoristic, colourful display Jääskeläinen lightens the message and makes it easier for the viewer to digest.

Tea Popovic (RS)
Using themes found from different medias such as television, movies and books, Tea Popovic makes art out of everyday life. With varying techniques – painting, drawing and installations – Popovic depicts different aspects of society including political issues, globalisation and cultural clashes, with a humoristic, even ironic approach. The artist presents observations of the sometimes harsh everyday reality, which gets a relatable and lighter atmosphere through the humorous, colourful approach.

Tino Knaack (DE)
Tino Knaack’s acrylic paintings combine post-apocalyptic themes to bright and lively colours. With technology, physics and culture as his main interests, Knaack explores the conflict between science and ideology in his works. Transforming sometimes illogical thoughts into his paintings, Knaack creates certain kind of symbols, that are not necessarily literal or unequivocal. Knaack wants to explore a world of connections – how everything comes together in a world that at first seems amorphous.