Meta Berlin 2019


We warmly welcome you to join us for the opening of our new exhibition META!

Opening: 4th of September at 7pm
Exhibition running time: 4th of September –  2th of November

Contrasting vibes, all equally intense and profound, touch beyond the tangible. The four artists surprise the viewer, with their peculiar artistic styles and expressions, and motivate feelings of disturbance as well as grace. Among sculptures and drawings, META explores another dimension beyond our material surroundings. Be more than a spectator and jump into a sudden and disconcerting, yet familiar and delicate, world of Art.


Heike Ruschmeyer (DE)

Ruschmeyer’s artworks are often documents of crimes scenes and will certainly leave an indelible trace in the consciousness of the viewer. These paintings sharpen our attention on the present and past reality. 

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Vanessa Notley (GB)

Intrigued by the rather seductive aspect of paper sculptures with applied drawings, Vanessa Notley creates soft, surprising forms and patterns. She explores the beauty in such simplicity but she leaves us wondering as, somehow, her work remains challenging to define.

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Marko Kusmuk (BA)

In watercolour, Kusmuk portrays often deaf individuals stuck in a bichromatic reality. Depictions of hands demonstrate the ultimate tangible means of comprehending the beating outside world, while a busy universe is held within themselves.

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Malatsion (FR)

The bio-technic title Genesis of my hybridization reveals the scientist within the artist, Malatsion. Pairing alluring beauty with an alienating artificiality, these stylised, floating sculptures, inspired by herbariums, demonstrate reflections and a poetic fantasy.

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