Strange Brew

Strange Brew Exhibition Berlin                       

Jan Pötter (DE), sculptures by Dorit Trebeljahr (DE), drawings by Giuditta R. (IT) and glass installations by Katharina Kleinfeld (DE)

You are kindly invited to the opening night the 2nd November from 7-11pm.

The exhibition is running from 2nd November to 3rd December.

On the 2nd November, our Berlin gallery is pleased to introduce ‘Strange Brew’, presenting paintings by Jan Pötter (DE), sculptures by Dorit Trebeljahr (DE), drawings by Giuditta R. (IT) and glass installations by Katharina Kleinfeld (DE).

This November, Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin is pleased to present ‘Strange Brew’, an exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptural works. With selected pieces from artists Jan Pötter, Dorit Trebeljahr, Giuditta R. and Katharina Kleinfeld, the exhibition is a weird and wonderful concoction of material-savvy sculptures, strange characters and otherworldly glass installations.

The sculptures created by Trebeljahr both disguise and contemplate the materials from which they were made. Their forms are often reminiscent of tools or toys, teasing us with the notion of ‘Look but don’t touch’. Some of Kleinfeld’s glass artworks resemble bubbles waiting to be popped, presenting that same feeling of temptation, but for other works fragility is integral to their form. These pieces request both hesitance and intrigue, similar to that of a child trying something new.

Jan Pötter’s mixed-media works are rich with colourful layers of paint and pencil lines. They present imagery that can be described as the middle ground of cute and grotesque. Also characteristic about Pötter’s characters is the battle between social awareness and incoherent exclamations.

A similar tension can be noted in the works selected from Giuditta R. The figures in her dark graphite drawings unapologetically confront us with their madness, and their inability to be placed, both spatially and temporally.With visions of dream-states, childhood nostalgia and fears, the exhibition holds an atmosphere of play and discovery. ‘Strange Brew’ presents a somewhat tongue-in-cheek exploration of the tensions between our unconscious fascinations and the reality as it appears around us.

Participating Artists in Strange Brew are:


Jan Pötter (DE)
Artist Jan Pötter is a painter based in Leipzig. His colourful mixed media works have a narrative that often implements social criticism as well as elements of kitsch. Intertwined with bold forms and cartoon-like characters are little messages, often creating unexplained dialogues between the figures.

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Dorit Trebeljahr (DE)
Dorit Trebeljahr’s playfully formed sculptures invite the viewer to question their materials, which often reveal themselves after a second glance. Acupuncture needles, bicycle tyres and compositions of wool are fashioned into repetitive patterns, diverting their intended uses to form surreal sculptural artworks.

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Katharina Kleinfeld (DK) 
Katharina Kleinfeld’s glass artworks are delicate and endearing. They resemble cobwebs, bubbles and cloud formations, particularly when suspended from the ceiling. This captures a childlike curiosity, encouraging us to look up, look around and explore rhythm and interaction.

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Giuditta R (IT) 
Giuditta R.’s nightmarish graphite drawings emerge from her imagination and popular culture. Her characters entice us with peculiarity, and their outward gazes are confrontational.Small ‘found object’ decoration confuses the otherwise antique feel to her work.

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