UNmute International Exhibition Berlin 2021



UNmute explores human nature and exposes secrets that normally remain hidden. Artists Iván Prieto (ES), Giuditta R. (IT) and Heike Ruschmeyer (DE) give a voice to invisible individuals through three mediums: sculpture, drawing and painting. 

The selected artworks showcase violence, mental and physical disabilities and suppressed memories which portray human imperfection. The three artists immerse the viewer into various feelings of disturbance and empathy by creating memorable artworks that leave a mark on the viewer. UNmute tries to break this silence and reveal the power of human nature to end the shame behind those taboos.


Iván Prieto (ES)

Iván Prieto’s surrealist and often colourful sculptures embody the mental state of human nature. Grotesque hybrid creatures capture the viewer’s eye from the first gaze. Always balancing between playfulness and horror, each sculpture has a unique anatomy, highlighting a wide range of complicated and repressed emotions, relatable to everyone.

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Heike Ruschmeyer (DE)

Heike Ruschmeyer’s (DE) works accurately depict crime scenes. Being a documentary painter, she eliminates emotions and serves as a lawyer for the deceased. Still bodies grab the viewer’s attention and evoke raw emotions. Ruschmeyer gives a voice to those who cannot speak anymore.

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Giuditta R. (IT)

Giuditta R. (IT) ’s monochromatic figurative drawings explore the human psyche through the representation of nightmarish and gloomy environments. Her investigation is focused on searching our inner nature, past trauma and every aspect of human complexity.

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