Miniprint 2014

Miniprint Berlin 2014

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin is proud to announce our first edition of ‘Mini Prints Berlin 2014’; a group show containing graphic works of 28 artists with roots in different parts of the world. Together they present a broad range of different graphic techniques and styles, covering traditional techniques such as woodcut, etching and mezzotint, but also exploring modern methods enabled by the digital development. With global influences, the show guarantees an intriguing experience depicting stories on both an individual and a common level and each artist will be presented with several works. Come by and discover the graphic storytelling of ‘Mini Prints Berlin 2014!’

ABGRMI 2Andréa Bryan (DE)AHGRMI2Anneli Hilli (FI)BMGRMI1Birgitte Munk (DK)CKGRMI1Canuto Kallan (DK)CVGRMI1Carolina Vargas (CL)CWIGRMI3Cleo Wilkinson (AU)EGGRMI2Edwin García (VE)
FRGRMI4Finn Richardt (DK)HTGRMI1Henna Tyrväinen (FI)IGGRMI5Ilkay Unay Gailhard (TR)Jeff Ibbo (DK)Jeff Ibbo (DK)JEGRMI3Jette Asdis Ewerlöf (DK)Jette Baekgaard (DK)Jette Baekgaard (DK)Katja Hochstein (DE)Katja Hochstein (DE)
Katrin Salentin (DE)Katrin Salentin (DE)Lars Waldemar (DK)Lars Waldemar (DK)LBGRMI2Lene Bennike (DK)LVIGRMI2Lone Villaume (DK)MPGRMI1Maria Persson (SE)MTGRMI3Marianne Tümmler (DK)MKGRMI2Mogens Kischinovsky (DK)
MMGRMI2Monika Miceviciute (LT)Pia Möller-Light (DK)Pia Möller-Light (DK)Stephan Groβ (DE)Stephan Groβ (DE)Svend Bruun (DK)Svend Bruun (DK)Søren Bjaelde (DK)Søren Bjaelde (DK)SHGRMI2Søren Erik Hansen (DK)TAGRMI2Tao (TN)