Administration & Cultural Event Management

Administration & Cultural Event Management

As an administration & cultural event management intern, it is essential that you have strong skills in written English, German and/or one of the Nordic languages. Your language must be nuanced, and you should be able to write in different tones according to the target group. Your main assignments will be to keep our organisation of events and task running and be the one we rely on knows what is currently up with our different projects. You will be in contact with our future interns, our customers and artist. You will work in close collaboration with the other interns.

We expect that you:
-Are studying communications or a similar course
-Have very good English language/writing skills; German,Italian or Danish language skills would be an advantage
-Have skills in Mailchimp, Word and Excel
-Have excellent organisation skills
-Are a team player, but also able to work independently
-you are kind, focused and keep calm when the job needs to be done …

What our previous students say about their internship:

Marie Junker (DK) KU, language student
……..I have really enjoyed being an intern there and would recommend it to others anytime. As it is a  non-for-profit gallery, I think working as an intern at an international gallery stands out from so many other internships – you will have quite a lot of responsibility for the day-to-day running of the gallery, as Heike Arndt currently lives in Denmark where she manages the gallery in Kettinge on Lolland. This means that the interns in Berlin are in charge of their own work, as Heike is usually only in town up to and just after the exhibition openings. When Heike is in Denmark, everyday life in the gallery is conducted in such a way that regular skype meetings are held with her, which creates a good sense of security. It’s been a lot of fun and challenging to work in the gallery, and I’ve got a lot out of it – both professionally and personally. The internship is full-time work, but for me, everyday life in the gallery has been really fun, as I was surrounded by some super nice interns. I can only encourage you to apply for an internship if you are up for trying to work in a small non-for-profit institution that is doing a great job in developing the cultural platform in Berlin.

If  the role above is perfect for you, then submit your application to be part of our  team!

Please note, all available positions will be announced here, we cannot accept applications for time periods other than those mentioned.

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