Testimonials Staff

Testimonials Staff

Anna Tsaruk (PL), Video & Multimediadesign 2020

My internship in Gallery Heike Arndt was a great experience in both professional and personal way. I improved my skills in videography and multimedia design, as well as learned how art gallery functions in general. Besides that, it’s a great school of team working, which is absolutely important in any career. After 5 months spent in GHA I stayed in Berlin, found a job in the field I love, and people I’ve met during my stay in the gallery are my dear friends now. The decision to start this internship was life-changing for me and maybe can become such for you.

Emma Warren (FR), Arthistory & Cultural Management 2020

My experience with Galleri Heike Arndt helped me discover a lot about both the art world and myself. Within a few months, a gained confidence, affirmation and a good sense of organisation and teamwork. Being part of a team of interns, of different backgrounds, nationalities and ages, taught me the importance of collaboration, a collaboration which helped me gain knowledge in several different areas, such as website making, event organisation or archiving. The monthly Scandinavian Meeting Points were the perfect opportunity to be part of something bigger: an arty social gathering that brings everyone together, and helps everyone feel they belong in Berlin. Galleri Heike Arndt didn’t only help me professionally, but also helped me create a sense of home in this big foreign city.

  Nadia Myrrhøj, Language & Administration

I had the great pleasure of doing an internship at the Galleri Heike Arndt DK in Berlin in autumn 2014. It was a unique experience to work with Heike. She is an enthusiastic, very dedicated and extremely creative person who works hard, really challenges you and expands your boundaries in the most positive sense both personally and professionally. The collaboration with Heike has inspired me to never give up and made me more energetic and adaptable. I wish all future interns the same experience as I do and wish Heike all the best.

Ditte Lagergaard, Administration intern

My internship at the gallery Heike Arndt Berlin was professional and socially very positive. As an intern, you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice, but also help develop your own internship. This means that you are working exactly with what interests you and possibly with the area of your future working life. At the same time, the new friendships and acquaintances, with both the other interns of the gallery and people from the Scandinavian meeting place, are an important part of the internship, which will give you a network during your internship. I would like to recommend the gallery as an internship place – you get an interesting and challenging internship professional and social network- with Berlin as a fantastic setting.

Marie Junker, Language intern

I have been really happy to be an intern on the spot, and I would recommend it to others at all times. As it is a small non-profit gallery, I think the work as an intern at the gallery stands out from so many other internships – you get a pretty big responsibility for the daily operation of the gallery, since Heike Arndt lives daily in Denmark, where she manages the gallery in Kettinge in Lolland,what means that the trainees in Berlin work part alone, as Heike is usually only in the city up to and just after the exhibition openings. When Heike is in Denmark, everyday life in the gallery takes place so that regular skype meetings are held with her, so that you are not completely left to yourself, which creates a good security. Therefore, working in the gallery has been a lot of fun and challenging, and I have really enjoyed being there – both professionally and personally. The internship is full time, but for me, everyday life in the gallery has been really fun as I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some super nice interns. Feel free to write if you have any further questions. I can only encourage you to apply for an internship this fall if you have the courage to try working in a small non-profit company that does a great job in developing the cultural platform in Berlin.