Partnership and Sponsors

Galleri Heike Arndt DK as a cooperation partner offers you a variety of possibilities to improve your business for your employees, partners and customers. We offer you insight and access to some of the most interesting artists from around the world shown in Berlin, and the possibility to support the growing attention for Nordic art and culture in Germany, and especially in Berlin.

Die Galerien an den Alleen

Below you can find examples of how a cooperation with us can look like. We hope to define the framework of a potential cooperation together with you. As a gallery, we can provide benefits for our partners, as we support the international, Nordic and German art scenes in Berlin. Since 2008, Galleri Heike Arndt DK has been working hard to make these aforementioned scenes more accessible and visible to the public.

Our close collaboration with Nordic, German and international artists and cultural actors both in Germany and Nordic countries has lead to an increased interest in and demand for art in general. Also, thanks to the collaboration with the Nordic embassies in Berlin, we are putting the culture and art of this region on the agenda, which engenders visibility for Nordic products and services. Collaborations and cooperations with several companies and organizations have proven to be rewarding for the partner/sponsor, the artist and the gallery.

Sponsors and Supporters

Our main sponsor is :  aumento Law Firm

If you would like to support and sponsor our non-profit work at our residency in Kettinge, Denmark, or our other projects, please let us know.

Some of our partners supporting earlier and current projects, exhibitions and events:

INTEGRA LAWFIRM (DK), BBK (Artist Association Germany), BKF (Artist Association Denmark), Arts Council of Finland, Scanlines, Oulu Kommune (Finland), Rovaniemi Kommune (Finland), Finnish Embassy (Berlin), Norwegian Embassy (Berlin), Danish Embassy (Berlin, Rome, Beijing), Finland Institute Berlin, Fehmarn Development Kulturlink, Guldborgsund Kommune, Lolland Kommune, Vejring Kunstudstilling (Norway), Nordvind Kunstfestival, Arbejdermuseet (Denmark), Museo De Arte Contemporania Lissone, Milano (Italy), Galleri Wedding (Berlin) a.o.


Our objective is to secure an independent cultural platform for Nordic and international art and to hereby increase the knowledge of the excellent art and culture from these scenes. Interest and attention from the German audience must be created as well as a continuous opportunity for the Nordic and international artist/culture institutions to exchange professional expertise with the art and cultural scene in Berlin – the cultural centre of Europe – to keep a continuous visibility. Furthermore, it will enhance the attention concerning other Nordic arrangements in Germany.