Testimonials Partners


Testimonials Partners

, Partner, Aumento Lawfirm has worked with Heike Arndt since 2010,  2021


Soren Leth-Nissen, Talent Sourcer & Recruiter, 2015

I have known Heike as a business partner since 1991. Heike is a true entrepreneur making her visions come true. Whether she works in Italy, Greenland, Africa, China, Germany or Denmark, Heike always leaves a substantial production of paintings and/or sculptures that leave her international audience in breathless admiration. Heike is always well intended and focused on delivering the best results possible. Working together with Heike — delivering high quality leadership development workshops for some of the biggest companies in Denmark — has been a special pleasure for me and my clients.


Jan Utzon, Owner, utzon architects and Architecture & Planning Specialist, 2012


Heike is very skilled in many different ways. She seems to have boundless energy and is a great pleasure to work with and to be around. Her unusual energy, her skill as an artist, as an organizer of other people and actions, her focus and stamina makes Heike a truly unique person in the most positive sense. Her skills span many of the different professional categories that we, as a culture, like to see as separate entities. Her initiatives as a multi-talented artist, as a gallery owner, as a business woman and even as a craftsperson have impressed me greatly. Whoever does business or other activities with Heike will find her a positive, inspiring and energetic partner. I give her my warmest recommendations.


Russ Tolman, Songwriter * Recording Artist, 2012


Heike Arndt is one of the hardest working, most driven, and creative people I’ve met in my life. She is a wonderful partner.