Art History

Art history

As an intern you will be part of the preparations and installations of the different exhibitions in the gallery as the responsible curator and need excelent writingskills

You will play an active role in the process of finding new artists for future exhibitions and assist at cultural events in the gallery. You will also act as the Key Account for artists to give them the best service possible. It could also be that you arrange their stay when artists are in town.

When we get new artworks or collaborate with new artists, you will be responsible for our inventory list, which gives the full overview of the artworks the galleries have in Kettinge and in Berlin.

We expect that you:
-Have a knowledge of the German, Nordic and Scandinavian cultures
-Have very good English language/writing skills; German language skills would be an advantage
-Have a strong background or interest in the arts
-Have strong interpersonal skills
-Have very good organisational skills

Kari Aasen 2 okt 11

Kari Aasen okt 11